Setting up SSL (HTTPS) for WordPress

Ever since Google started to force website owners to move to SSL in recent times, almost all web hosting providers such as Hostgator, SiteGround have integrated SSL certificates into their web hosting packages by default, powered by a free SSL certificate provider named “Lets Encrypt”. This includes shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller packages, VPS servers and dedicated servers.  All that is needed is to configure the website to use SSL version (HTTPS version) of the site by default. The easiest way to do that in WordPress websites is to use the plugin aptly named “Really Simple SSL”.

Add the Plugin using the “Add Plugin” option inside WordPress. Search for “Really Simple SSL”.

Install the plugin and activate it. Once activated, the plugin will display the following options in the next screen.

Click on the “Go ahead, activate SSL!” button. It will setup all necessary settings and give you confirmation message that SSL is activated. You can check the settings page of the plugin to see the settings that are done, as in below screenshot.

You might be redirected to login once again since the site URL is updated by the plugin from HTTP to HTTPS. Login using your same username/password. This time you will be on the HTTPS version of the site.

Next, setup Google Search Console to record the HTTPS version of the site and add the sitemap again under the HTTPS Searc Console Property.

Make sure to change all URLs in links to point to the HTTPS version of the website. It will redirect using the 301, but it is better to have the links updated to HTTPS since site will load faster if you avoid unnecessary redirects.

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