Review: Siteground VS Hostgator

As a longtime user of both Siteground and Hostgator hosting providers, I am sharing my experience and pros and cons of each of the providers.


Hostgator is very cheap compared to the pricing of SiteGround, especially with the higher options such as Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Servers.

Winner – Hostgator


Hostgator’s servers and technology are sufficient for most websites out there. For those who are obsessed with about optimizing site loading times, caching etc, Siteground provides superior technology.

Winner – Siteground


Hostgator limits usage based on storage size, and provides considerably more leverage in terms of the file counts (inode usage).

Siteground limits usage based on file count on the package, and is very strict about this.

Winner – Hostgator


Hostgator and Siteground both provide chat support. But most of the Hostgator support executives do not have much technical knowledge and not have access to the backend. They will call for admins to come in and check things, which will take upto a week to get a response. Not a solution, but a response. With Siteground, the support executives are technically skilled and will do any task while on the chat, resolving problems in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.

Winner – Siteground

Malware detection

Hostgator pushes its users to purchase Sitelock services for malware cleanup and protection. Siteground provides malware detection and scans for its customers free of cost. All that one needs is to contact them on chat support.

Winner – Siteground

I have had extensively bad experience with Hostgator support, but I still use them because their dedicated servers are a steal compared to Siteground pricing. I keep most of my websites on Siteground Cloud hosting packages, while hosting my high traffic sites with Hostgator Dedicated servers.

That being said, the winner would be Siteground, but there are usecases where Hostgator would be better suited. Take your decision based on the individual requirements and sections listed above.

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