Resolving Google Adsense error: Your site isn’t ready to serve ads

With the recent implementation of manual reviews of all sites added into Google Adsense, some publishers report that their sites are not getting accepted the first time the site is added. Google’s manual review of websites is a welcome move aimed at cleaning up the low quality websites that try to get into the Adsense publisher program. Nevertheless, when Adsense rejects a website citing the error message “Your site isn’t ready to serve ads”, there are solutions to fix it.

The dreaded error message: “Your site isn’t ready to show ads”

Provide valuable in-depth content

One of the main criteria that Google evaluates the website is about the content quality and depth. Few pages with shallow content are bound to get flagged by Google. Add more content pages to the website with more content in each of the pages. Ensure that the content is original and not simply rewritten text. Google has several tools to detect plagiarism and content spinning that some bloggers resort to.

Create content for the users, not just Search engines

Google has always advised webmasters to create content for the users and that Google will automatically take care of the rest. Instead of building websites targeting SEO benefits, build sites targeted at end users. Think about the content flow for the end users, how they will perceive the content and how they can navigate within the website. Build value to the users and Google will automatically give value to the website on search results.

Provide the content that you promised to the users

Google looks down upon websites that promise something to the users, but directs them to something else, like an advertisement. Always provide what you promised to the users. Google has several ways to monitor such beha viour including monitoring the bounce rates of the pages.

Additionally, one can also look into detailed guidelines from Google as well:

Tips for creating high quality sites

Tips for creating high quality sites part 2


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