Brock McGoff – $144K per year

What’s ?

The Modest Man is a clothing / style blog started by Brock McGoff, targeted at men of modest height (short men). Its content focuses only on styling for short men ranging from YouTube videos to content articles. usage traffic sources

Started in: 2014

Current monthly traffic: 300K Visits

Traffic sources: 73% organic, 5% social

Revenue: $12,000 per month

Revenue Sources: 

Affiliate Commission – Amazon, Reward Style, Modern Tailor, Skimlinks, AdThrive

Advertising – Google Adsense, Direct Ads, Sponsored posts

Products – eBook, Live training

Who Started it?

Brock McGoff

How it started

I was getting more and more into menswear and trying to teach myself how to dress better. There were plenty of great style blogs, but nothing was focusing on me – a smaller guy who has trouble finding clothes that fit.

So I started writing the stuff I would want to read. Luckily, there were lots of other guys who also needed this info. Since no one else is focusing on them, I’m able to develop a special bond that generic style blogs might not have.

— Brock McGoff

Advice from Brock McGofff for Entrepreneurs

  • No secret formula for success, just create helpful, in-depth content with solid on-page SEO
  • Do give aways, but ensure the giveway has massive value (like an ebook) and build email lists
  • Try Ad networks like Ezoic and AdThrive to improve RPMs
  • On YouTube, produce high quality content with high production values (like this one)

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