Abraham Piper – 22 Words: $17 million a year

What’s the project?

twentytwowords.com, an entertainment site that provides funny and light-hearted content.

22 words – Rank as of March 2019
22 words – Usage Stats, as of March 2019

Started in: 2008

Current monthly traffic: 8.24M visits

Traffic sources: 60% social, 26% organic etc

Revenue: $17 million per year (as of 2017).Mostly from advertising.

Parent company: brainjoltmedia

22 words – traffic sources in Feb 2019

Who Started it?

Abraham Piper, 38 year old from Los Angeles, USA.


How it started

According to CNBC, Abraham Piper used to take up odd jobs over the years, ranging from fork lift driving to desk jobs. He started 22 words as his blog and wrote about his personal life and about city life. The unique idea was to share funny stories with just 22 words of text, but now the site has left the 22 word limit behind.

In 2014, Piper brought in a partner / CEO Josh Sowin. As of 2017, 22 words had 25 staff.

Advice from Abraham Piper for Entrepreneurs

(from his interview to Business Insider)

  • Try different things, keep what works. No benefit in clinging to things that don’t work
  • Spend aggressively on Facebook advertising in the beginning stages to drive traffic and engagement
  • Don’t be an early adopter, do what’s tested by others and found to be working
  • Find a partner, someone who can offset your weakness
  • Treat your website as a business, not as a hobby

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